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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco building inspection commission occurring september 18, 2013, will begin shortly. >>
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>> good morning, this is the regular meeting of the building commission, and i would like to remind everyone to turn off all electronic devices. the first item on the agenda is roll call. >> president mccarthy. >> here. >> mccray. >> present. >> lee. >> here. >> melgar. >> here. >> walker is excused. we have a quorum and the next is the president's announcement. >> before i get into the announcements i will do a little bit of housekeeping. line item six, i would like to move to the second to last item just before ten here. >> okay? >> okay. >> and then, so with that, president's announcements. obviously welcome everybody, and thanks to dbi staff for staffing this year's annual sunset community festival. i believe that is going to be
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on the september 20th,; is that correct?? >> yes. >> where they will answer the customer questions about inspections and code enforcement and dbi matters. the big commissioner mar has indicated that he plans to visit the dbi and it will be available for most of the questions there that afternoon and he put in a request for the other commissioner to show up. so that he does not have to deal with it all himself. it is time for the third employee of the quarter award. and those were recently set and in the all memo and requesting new nominations for thethieringth and one we have the new nominations for the committee and we will meet and select the third quarter winner and plan to introduce the second quarter winner and the third quarter winner in the october meeting. we will do that then and
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finally the dbi and the big joint response for the 2013 grand jury report was delivered to the proceeding judge of the superior court on the 11th and a copy of the responses are posted on the dbi website and we are expected to be part of the hearing on the grand jury findings and the responses at the government, audit and oversight committee and this is more than likely going to take part in some in october and so with that, madam secretary, that is all of my president's announcements for the next item. >> agenda item. please? >> is there any public comment on the president's announcements >> item number three, general public comment, the bic will take the public comment on the matters in the jurisdiction that are not part of this agenda. >> and with that i would just like to read into the members of the public, may address the commission on items not appearing on the agenda for a period of time not-to-exceed three minutes.
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>> speakers shall address the remarks to the commission, as a whole and motto individual commissioners or department personnel. thank you. >> first speaker, please? >> so you are saying that i can't speak, you are saying that i can't speak on the possibility of mr. hewe y being appointed a director because it is not an agenda. >> yes, you can speak on it on that... >> on the closed session. >> there is public comment prior to the closed session. >> i think that i am going to procedural error, i apologize. >> next speaker? >> item number four, discussion and possible action on the following new proposed administrative bulletin, ab, 106, strengthening of the five story wood building and
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procedures. >> we are here to get your approval for the ab 106 and this, procedure on the soft story program. and you could have a copy of this in front of you and i am able to page it in red so we can follow it. and the main portion of ab 106 is the screening form and i just wanted to fill out one in front of the commissioners today. and so eric is going to help me, and the inform starts on page six and so if you can start on page 6, so, on the 15th we sent out 6,000 to the home owners and on page 6 it starts. the block and lot number actually is automatically populated from the data base. so, after it is filled out. >> if you could speak into the mic. >> okay. >> that is already filled out.
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now, let's go to the next. okay, so the home owner has to fill out sections 1, and 2. and the engineers fill out section 3 and 4, and then the engineers and home owner will fill out section 5 together. and so, let's go to section one and this is to be filled out by the home owner and we will ask the commissioner mccarthy to help us on this. >> thanks for the advanced notice. >> so the telephone number will put 999 on here. and for your e-mail address, we will say mccarthy at sfgov.og. >> that is close. >> for the mailing address we will put city hall and if it is a condo we do not want one form returned to us and so on page 15. show them the building that will be filling out.
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so this building is actually in the instruction on page 15. and it is a building on mccalister and park their was constructed in 1927 and this is the building that we will look at. okay. let's go back to this, we need more. so, we will continue on the second portion of this green form. okay. so, you know, this asks, you know, supplement of the previously submitted form and in this case, this is the first time that commissioner mccarthy has filled it out and so the answer is no. >> okay has this building been
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completed and the answer is, no. >> no. we did not get a quote. >> no. >> it is actually part of his final interview. so he is going to... >> to be able to fill this out. >> right. >> and so, tom, the question number one, is this building, the wood frame building and your answer sir? >> is? yes. >> and yes, it is a wood frame building. and so the question number two,
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was it constructed before 1978, it was in 28. so the answer is yes. is the building two or more stories. you see the first question and
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does it contain it on any of the floors, if the answer is yes, then the building is tier one. to be filled out by the engineer, and what tier are you in, tier one? and essentially, you have finished completing it, so section five, is to be filled out by the owner and the engineer. and, basically, you know, under perjury, we certify that this is correct, tom has a stamp and so he will stamp it and sign it and submit it. he can send it into us, and he can e-mail it to us, and essentially, the meat of the ab.
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we also want to briefly talk about the list of buildings that is on the website now and also. >> so this list is posted on our website? >> which is story and the whole excel sheet is available and it will be populated with block and lot and address, and both in or out and the status and most of them are just noticed right now. but some of them have permits issued and you can find that on the sheet. i was going to pull up the website for you guys.
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so this is our website. and that is the sheet right here. dbi contact information. there is an faq guide. and this is an excel sheet with the legend, and to help describe all of the sections in this excel sheet. the middle of the time line and procedures. and if all of the forms on-line. process of how to obtain a permit.
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the compliance time line and the year time line. >> and the engineering criteria. >> that concludes the presentation and if you have any questions we are here to answer. >> commissioner melgar? >> i was going to tell you that it looked really great. >> when it is going live? >> we sent them out on september 15th. >> 6125. >> and any calls yet? >> tons of calls and we are handling it. >> yeah. >> we are handling it. >> and are you getting the support, for the phone calls? >> and you get a lot of people,
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anxious, eager and then you get some, i think that we are going to have to and i think that we are going to have to pull the teeth and that is fine. >> commissioner mar, did you have a question? >> no. >> sorry. >> commissioner? >> i also think that it is a really good document and well done, you guys. >> i do have a question about our role and it says and i don't know if you are able to answer this and maybe, i want to tell the commissioners and it says that they can appeal to the bik, and what the formality or the procedure for that? it is not in the appeals board? >> good question. >> because we really don't have a venue during these meetings for people to come in and appeal to us. >> it is just a regular board of appeals, you know, if they present drawings to us and let's say that we disagree with the engineering, for example. >> sure. >> and then it goes through the process and it will go. >> good morning commissioners. the appeal poll says that it
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especially in the other job, do you remember that we have add two more members for those, and soft story to go through the examiner and also through the board of appeal. >> got you. >> and hopefully we will not go through the board for the wood frame building. >> i see, thank you. >> the permits, is it a posting the soft story permit. do you have to post it on the building? >> they have seen to the other permits. >> it is appeal able up to 15 days or something like that. >> yes. >> and it is just a regular permit which happens to be a seismic upgrade? >> yeah. >> just a regular building permit. just the regular process. >> i think that the questions were answered. >> okay i am good. >> thank you for your presentation this morning. good luck with the 6,000.
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>> is there any public comment on item four? >> okay, seeing none, item five, code enforcement out reach program staff and providers reports on a recently completed best practices comparative survey of housing stock preservation and inspection services available nationwide. >> good morning, commissioners and mr. president, rose mary, the chief housing inspector, and you have before you commissioners a table that is pink and green that we would like you to look at. and i want to commend commissioner mar for asking us to prepare this for the commission and also thank director in the deputy director for the staff to allow us to periodically, independent of audits or grand jury reports or whatever, to seek out the best practices that are out there. and so what you have here is a
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comparative survey done, by fema inspector matsu and with the participation of all nine of our code enforcement out reach vendors, who look at 24 jurisdictions nationwide and find out what their best practices are in relationship to preserving aging housing stock and specifically around rental units and inhabitbility issues and so as you can see, the, the green indicates yes, and the pink indicates, no, to them and i am going to have jamie come up and talk with you and the vendors and talk with you further about this. and, as you can see, san francisco which is highlighted there for you at the bottom. and we do all of these things and all 24 of the other jurisdictions do not. but with that i will have jamie come up and explain it to you.
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>> good morning, matsu, housing inspection service and code out reach program. and thank you commissioners and commissioner mar. and we have seen a variety of discussions over the last few months on the subject of housing code enforcement. and consultation of commissioner mar and the code out reach program has put together this survey to provide the context for these discussions by looking at the best practices of american cities and we also found however, the practices that are not so great and the city and the master plans calls for the preservation of the affordable housing and the city's rental housing stock. and we


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